Graylines blog post: tennis … my favorite sport

you know that game that uses the word “love” in keeping score. of course, when one has “love” in tennis they have “zero or no” points, for that is the position that both players reside within at the beginning of the game. i’m sure that there is some sort of history or explaination for the scoring of love and all within the game, but i would rather ponder it as a metaphor to the love that is in our lives.

it seems harsh to state that love is equal to nothing, but maybe that is a truly useful position and/or thought to have about love. because once there is a score within a relationship, in that one individual is more than the other (whatever that means … but most of us in relationships understand what that means) there is little or less love. it is that balance thing again … when there is no score there is love but when there is a score (or when someone else is winning) there is little or no love.

i like that because for me there is a lot of truth to such a concept, thought or postion.

so keep your relationships in the beginners place with no score, so that there may be love.



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