Graylines blog post: Time

it is our most important quantity. everything is measured from it. our livelihood depends upon it. yet, we seem to disregard and waste it to its fullest extent.

time …
what shall we do with it. live it to its most complete existence? monitor its every (measured) quantity? disregard its presence and thus one disregards life accordingly?

i always think like this when on vacation. it is good for me. my ambition sometimes tends to loose track of how best one might use time to his favor.

there are those times that matter: lovemaking, births, deaths, vows, championships, degrees, etc. then there is the rest of our time which pushes towards those events. does it really matter that we meter our existence? isn’t our existence just that, our existence, regardless of the circular motion of the heavenly bodies that rotate in the cosmos above and around us.

it is just life. yet it is just, only our life, and regardless of our genetics we must make the best or worst of it.



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