Graylines blog post: Wallace Steven’s quote

“Beneath every no/lays a passion for yes that had never been broken.”

Yeah, I was reading an interview with Tim O’Reilly the founder and publisher of those nifty computer books with cool drawings of animals on the front covers. Anyway, O’Reilly paraphrased Stevens as follows … “Beneath every no lays a yes that had never been broken.”

That is such a wonderful observation that rings with a strong grain of truth to it. I don’t know how often that I’ve participated in a meeting, discussion and/or interaction where this has played out. I know that I typically say no to a lot of things and then turn around in the almost next breath and then say yes to those things i.e., ideas, designs, and/or solutions to a problem(s), or answers to a question(s), etc. Maybe it is just the way of being a thoughtful thinking person. It doesn’t matter if there is a wrong or right because in all honesty/reality there is no wrong or right there just is, or there just is the way that it happens (if that helps to understand in a less zen way).

Think about it.



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