Graylines blog post: Moving on …

Sometimes in life we must take that step that we’ve always told ourselves we need to take, but have just not been put in that place that really made us do it. Well, I think that day has come for me and, of course, my loved ones. Although it is a tough decision and not necessarily one that is going to spawn us a new mansion in the south or anything, but we do believe that it is a change in the right direction.

As Dan Folgelberg ( wrote in a song (Dan was a local Peoria, IL celebrity that made it big in pop/rock music.), “Illinois, I’m your boy,” but I most move on. Now I will just have to rely on one of my other favorites, Mr. James Taylor for the melodies and lyrics that make one proud to be from the Carolina’s.

I began this post before leaving Illinois, but finished it after having lived in North Carolina for about 7 weeks. We are here and still adjusting and settling in, but here nonetheless riding the waves of our adventure together.



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