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5 Tips for Lifelong Learning

Noticed this last night while paging through a magazine (Success, August 2009), and thought I’d pass it along.

1) Seek out a mentor – look for someone who exemplifies the lifestyle that you admire and wish to emulate and plan to adapt some of his or her strategies for success.

2) Accept constructive criticism – When someone offers you a suggestion for improvement or reveals holes in your plans, don’t get defensive. Evaluate the input and be grateful for the alternate point of view.

3) Enroll in continuing education – Whether building skills for your industry or your hobby, taking a class can broaden your mind, help prepare you for new endeavors and remind you that you don’t know it all.

4) Join a community -Find a community of people who represent your direction and goals. Join their regular meetings and forums.

5) Ask questions – Even if you’re the boss, don’t be afraid to admit that you still have some things to learn.


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Learning Opportunities and Conferences to Attend …

In a recent email conversation with colleagues we’ve been kicking around various conferences and learning opportunities out there that we would love to attend. These would be things that are outside of the typical library oriented professional opportunities.

So far we have come up with:

Good Experience Live (GEL) Conference (http://www.gelconference.com/)
Consumer Electronics Show (http://www.cesweb.org/)
South by Southwest (http://www.sxsw.com/)
YPulse’s Mashups (http://mashup.ypulse.com/)
Sandbox Summit (http://www.sandboxsummit.org/)
TED (http://www.ted.com/index.php/pages/view/id/7)
E3 (http://www.e3expo.com/)
Penny Arcade Expo (http://www.pennyarcadeexpo.com/)
PopTech (http://www.poptech.org/video/)

Please send us any additional selections that we could add.


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